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Finally an automated webinar platform that doesn't just "play a video" on a webpage. Experience the benefits of your events "feeling" like real live webinars. Our playback environment was designed specifically for user experience and higher conversion rates.

  •  Watch Video - 90s
  Feels like live webinars
  Optimized for conversions
  Next level automation

All-In-One Sales Machine

Replace your current complicated tech stack and automate your sales process


Grow your business by creating a scalable webinar that sells for you


Know your numbers and see exactly how much you're making daily


Make your webinars feel live and personal to increase conversions

Real Webinar Software

Finally an automated webinar platform that doesn't just "play a video" on a webpage. Experience the benefits of your events "feeling" like real live webinars. Our playback environment was designed specifically for user experience and higher conversion rates.
  • Make your webinar feel more alive and Increase overall conversions and profit

Dynamic Registration Widgets

Change anything you want and customize your webinar registration. Our registration widget offers buttons, floaters, bars and more! 
  • Additionally you can easily select the "2 step" registration to easily capture and email address before a user completes their registration!
  • Capture leads and increase sign-up by stepping the registrant through with micro steps
  • Choose from our Floating widget or the Button widget
  • Customize your registration widgets in every way imaginable
  • Create survey's or any other custom fields during the registration process
  • Split test to find the best converting widget!

Just-In-Time + In Progress Events

You can set your events to run dynamically so that users are always able to register within minutes of an upcoming event. A new setting we've launched is our in progress events. 
  • Users can join an in progress event and you get to set the starting point of your video so they don't miss anything important.

Flexible Scheduling

Our system lets you choose any combination of dates and times to run your events. Select blackout dates and times to simulate live experiences and more!
  • Allow attendees to pick the perfect time that fits their schedule
  • Easily create "In Progress" webinars and choose the timestamp of your video the users will enter at so it truly feels in progress.
  • Provide instant access to "Yesterday's Replay"
  • Create the perfect schedule to optimize your conversions!

Control Your Thank You Pages

With the release of our "thank you page widgets" you now control your own thank you page! No longer are you stuck using those pre-made templates. Additionally you can control which thank you page a person see's based on how long before an event they registered.
  • Example: If they register X time before the event send them to my thank you page that makes an offer to them prior to the webinar.

Email & SMS Notifications

It's important to remind people to attend your events.

We've setup a complete followup system that's plug and play designed to give you one of the best followup sequences possible using email and text messaging.

It's all integrated so don't worry!

Your Webinars Actually Auto-Play

No playback in standard ever changing web-browsers means we control the entire user experience. Instead of attendee's having to click the "play" button to start a webinar like our competitors, your events will simply begin on time, every time - no click necessary.
  • Better user experience, stick-through rate and watch time 
  • The truly "LIVE" feeling results in more sales and conversions!

Live Chat Simulation + Filters

WebinarFuel offers the most robust live chat simulation on the market. Our proprietary "filters" allow you to easily set keywords so our software can filter out any comments you'd like. As attendee's continue to chat our system will save that to the database and add it to the simulator for future events. 
  • Live chat makes your event seem alive, gives it energy and ultimately can lead to increased conversions!

Questions & Answers

WebinarFuel offers a unique Q&A tab inside the user experience software. This allows you to add commonly asked questions to the event so that when the time is right attendee's can see them.
  • One of the easiest ways to increase conversions in an automated webinar setting is to simply make sure questions are answered.

Real-Time Support Chat

Sure your webinars are automated, but that doesn't mean you can't have live chat!

With our "direct messaging center" you or someone on your team can be on live and answer chat questions as they come in from attendees. We've built a unique "Direct Message" tab that always activates one agents send a message to an attendee.
  • Super simple, and very effective for conversions!
  • Easily send any attendee a DM or direct message to help them with any questions or purchases.

Polls & Surveys

Polls and surveys are a great way to get more information from the people attending your event. Information is the key to optimization and conversions so we've made it super simple to launch polls and surveys within your automated events. 
  • Gather valuable data from your attendees

Automated Offers

With WebinarFuel making an offer to your audience is super simple! Our software was designed to place your offer in the perfect spot for higher conversions. You can control how long the offer shows, input a count down time, offer scarcity and more!
  • Choose what time the offer will appear
  • Add your offer images and text
  • Add urgency to increase conversions by using our built in countdown timers

3rd Party Tracking

Looking to add your Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics or other 3rd party tracking code to your webinars? It's simple to copy and paste right into WebinarFuel so your tracking stays on point!
  • Track everything and know what's working

Split-Testing Webinars Made Easy

Our "tagging" feature lets you split test webinars without re-creating the entire thing! For example you could add 3 video files to one webinar event, tag each video, set your offer timing for each video and we'll do the rest. 

WebinarFuel will deliver a percentage of your audience each video file when they join and then give you analytics for each version of your webinar so you can which one converts the best for your audience.

It's absolutely NEVER been this easy to test your webinars!

Traffic Source Testing Made Easy

So you plan on running traffic to your webinars from Facebook, Youtube and other traffic sources?

In the past you needed to setup a completely different webinar for each one of these in order to properly track results, but with WebinarFuel our simple "traffic source" and "tagging" options mean you can setup one single event, but get your analytics and stats broken down by traffic source.

We know it's important..... so we took the time to make this available to you!

Contact Segmentation

This feature really sets WebinarFuel apart from every other platform on the market.

You can easily view all your contacts, see where they are from, what browsers they use and which webinars they've attended.

With a few clicks you can create audience segments and add them to automations or simply invite them to a new webinar.

Your data is the key to your success so we're making sure you have it all.

Next Level Automations

WebinarFuel takes automations to the absolute next level. Connect your email provider and create automations that no other software on the market offers. 

For example if you have someone input their email address, but not complete registration tell WebinarFuel to send them an email 10 minutes later and a text message 5 minutes after that.

Maybe you have someone stay through the CTA on your webinar, but not purchase? Have WebinarFuel send out a text message telling them to schedule a call or talk with a sales agent.


It's super simple to integrate WebinarFuel with most all of the top CRM and and autoresponder software on the market. 

We've made it easy to use the api and simple "if/then" logic to move your contacts based on their activity within your events.

Add to certain list, apply certain tags all based on what actions your attendee's have taken!

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